Acrylic Pink & White

Additional Info:

Acrylic Pink & White to make your nails longer and appear naturally.

An Acrylic Pink & White includes

  • Fake nails.
  • Pink & White Powders.
  • You can pick other color for your tips instead of using white.
  • Optional: We recommend Gel Top Coat to keep your nails shining for weeks

Questions and Answers:

  1. Can I do Pink & White without using Acrylic? Yes, we also offer Organic Pink & White, Liquid Gel Pink & White, Gel Powder Pink & White.
  2. How often do I need a fill-in? We recommend every 2 weeks.
  3. Is gel top coat good for my nails? Yes, it keeps your nails shining and protective.
  4. How long does my pink & white last? From 2-4 months and you will need a new set after that.