Gel Manicure

Additional Info:

A Gel manicure is a manicure with Gel polish instead of regular polish.

A gel manicure includes:

  • Nail Trimming.
  • Nail Filing.
  • Shaping of free edge.
  • Cuticle Cleaning.
  • Gel Polish.
  • Lotion & Hand Massage.

Brands that we carry:

There is a wide selection of Gel colors, including the following brands: CND (or called Shellac), OPI, PerfectMatch (or called Lechat), IBD, Gelish. Currently we have over 350 gel colors for you to choose.

Questions and Answer:

  1. How long does gel polish last? gel polish lasts from 2-3 weeks. We also guarantee for 10 days. If anything wrong with it within 10 days, we will fix it for you at no charge.
  2. How often should I do a gel manicure? We recommend every 2 weeks. Even though the gel polish does not chip easy, when your nails grow long, it is time to redo it.