New Pedicure Chairs with private spa liners and pedicure kits

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We have upgraded our Pedicure chairs to better chairs. It comes with

  1. Private spa liners so you won’t have to share the bowl with anyone. The liners are disposed after each client. It is like your own chair every single time.
  2. Private pedicure kits with filer, pusher, etc. You can take home the kit if you want to.
  3. Same sweet and high qualified staff to serve you, every single time

Here are some pictures









Organic Fullset – Why should you try it?

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I have been in the nail industry for 5 years and seen a new trend that customers are looking for a new way to replace the old fashion acrylic fullset. Acrylic Fullset had been a dominant way to do nails since the nails industry exploded back in the 70s. However, things dramatically change in the last 5 years. With the Gel Shellac coming out a few years ago, many customers are switching to Gel Shellac which stays on their real nails and shining for month long.

For those of you who must put a new set on, there is now organic fullset, which will work similar to Acrylic fullset, but offers many advantages that might interest you


1. First, there is no acrylic, no more liquid, so there is no more heavy smell coming out from those chemicals. The organic fullset is considered better for the air you breath and for our salon too.

2. Second, the organic fullset works similarly to acrylic. It stays on for 2 weeks, and you come and do a fill-in. Everything is the same except you don’t have to smell those chemicals anymore

3. Organic Fullset has 5 different Vitamins for your nails to grow. It actually helps your nails with the Calcium ingredient. As you know Calcium is an important part of the nails and hair, so with Acrylic, there is no way to mix Calcium in your set. Calcium can only be mixed into our organic powder which builds your nails.

4. It is thinner and looks more natural. If you have seen someone with natural long nails, think twice. It could be our organic fullset that she is wearing.

Let’s see some pictures of organic fullsets that we have done for our clients.

Organic Fullset

Organic fullset

Organic Fullset